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Maintain Trees in Augusta, Rockbridge, & Rockingham Counties

Tree trimming and pruning keep your trees healthy and beautiful. They are both practices that involve cutting back branches, twigs, and foliage on your tree. Trimming and pruning are slightly different, but both are incredibly useful and one might argue necessary to keep the trees on your property in good shape. Potter’s Tree Service & Landscaping specializes in tree care of all sorts, including trimming and pruning. You can rely on our team to keep your trees healthy, happy, and aesthetically pleasing.

We boast 20+ years of combined experience in tree service on our team, and after 10 years of business in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, we have a wealth of information about local trees and their needs. We consider ourselves community ambassadors, as trees are such a core part of our communities, in yards, neighborhoods, and shared public spaces. By keeping those trees in good shape with tree trimming and pruning in Harrisonburg, VA and beyond, we do our part to contribute to the common good.

What is the Difference Between Trimming & Pruning

While tree trimming and pruning seem quite similar, they are different practices with separate goals. Different tools are typically used to perform each of these services, and they have diverse results as well.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming promotes healthy growth of your tree’s branches and improves its appearance. It’s counterintuitive that in order for your tree to grow more, you need to cut back the branches, but it is true! Tree trimming exposes lower branches to more sunlight and oxygen, giving them the proper resources they need to grow into large, healthy trees. Trimming is often more common with young trees to give them a boost in their early years and encourage growth in the proper direction.

Tree Pruning

In Harrisonburg, tree pruning is an essential service to maintain the trees on your property. Tree pruning removes dead, dying, or unruly branches for the improved health of the tree. For example, a tree service professional may suggest tree pruning when some of the branches are infected by a disease before it spreads to the rest of the tree. This kind of care often keeps you from needing to remove a tree at the first sign of a problem; pruning may be able to save a tree that is not already majority dead or dying. Pruning should be performed every two to three years (or as needed) to improve the health of the plants in your yard.

Why Hire a Professional for Trimming & Pruning Services

Now that you know about the difference between tree trimming and pruning, you may think you could do it on your own. How hard is it to cut off a few branches with shears? But there are multiple aspects of the tree pruning and trimming process that professionals have been trained to tackle that you likely can’t pick up on your own.

Assessing the Trees

The professionals from Potter’s Tree Service & Landscape don’t just perform pruning and tree trimming in Harrisonburg and the surrounding Virginia cities. We assess every tree and shrub in your yard to create a plan for tree care. The suggested care for each tree may be different. The sugar maple in the backyard might need a trim, while the white oak out front may need pruning and an insect treatment to combat borers.

Care for Specific Local Plants

With 10 years in business and 20+ years of combined experience on the team, we have developed a library of cumulative knowledge about the trees of Virginia, especially those most common in Harrisonburg, Staunton, and other nearby cities. Virginia has a beautiful array of local trees, from lower maintenance firs and evergreens to hickory trees to flowering dogwood trees. So, when you come to us for tree trimming in Harrisonburg, we will prescribe plans that benefit the health and appearance of the specific species of trees in your yard.

Pruning vs. Removal

In the unfortunate event that your tree has become too diseased or damaged to salvage with pruning, the team at Potter’s Tree Service & Landscaping can perform tree removal. However, we will always do our best to save the tree with disease and insect treatments or pruning first.


Attempting to trim or prune a tree on your own could be a major safety hazard. The professionals at Potter’s Tree Service & Landscaping have the proper equipment to get the job done, and we know how to take the proper safety precautions. We also offer additional safety services, like tree cabling, in the event that branches pose an immediate threat to your safety.

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