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Tree Blog

Professional Pruning Services Can Be the Right Solution

If you have trees that need to be reshaped, it can be a good idea to hire a professional to handle the job. A professional team can take care of everything in an efficient and safe manner, protecting your trees and your property in the process. This strategy can avoid many kinds of problems that we’ll detail below.

Trees Interfering With Structures or Power Lines

Trees can sometimes grow too close to homes, garages, sheds, or power lines. In this case, you’ll need them professionally pruned. This can ensure that a falling branch doesn’t harm a structure on your property, and it can prevent the issue of leaves clogging up your gutters. By pruning trees that are close to power lines, a company can reduce the risk of power outages in upcoming storms. Without pruning, trees could come down on power lines and cause a number of related issues.

Falling Trees and Tree Branches

When trees get pruned periodically, they have the opportunity to grow in a balanced and healthy manner. They can focus their attention on robust areas rather than wasting resources by sending energy to diseased or decaying branches. Also, when branches are thinned from the inner part of trees, the remaining limbs can enjoy sunlight and fresh air, which encourage their development. All of this results in stronger trees that are less likely to be brought down during strong winds or heavy snow or ice storms.

Keep in mind that vulnerable areas of trees are more likely to fall. A falling branch could cause extensive damage to your property if it hits a structure, destroys some of your landscaping, or harms other trees. Of course, the safety issue can’t be overlooked either, as falling branches could seriously injure someone on your property. It’s a smart idea to have weak branches removed before they can cause issues.

Trees That Attract Insects

Unhealthy trees can attract attention from insects who are looking for new homes and new sources of food. If there’s any part of a tree that has decayed, small critters could easily move in, and their presence could affect the healthy parts of the tree next. Plus, the insects can start to flourish, and after that, they may start to invade nearby trees and interfere with the wood that’s part of your home. If you have your trees pruned, you’ll be making them less attractive to pests.

We Can Take Care of Your Trees

Instead of worrying about your trees and the problems associated with excessive growth, falling branches, and insect infestations, have a professional team take care of your pruning. At our company, we’ve worked hard to develop our skills so that we can better serve our community. Call us at Potter’s Tree Service if you live in the Harrisonburg, VA area and would like to enlist our tree pruning services.