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Tree Blog

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Learn How Experts Remove Trees Safely

If you have a tree on your property that is crowding your buildings, it may need to come out. Additionally, trees that are showing signs of disease, age or storm damage may also need to be removed. A careful review of the current condition of the tree, as well as any threats it poses to your family and property, is a crucial first step taken by experts.

Protecting People

If you have an older or a damaged tree that is close to your home, garage, fence or outbuildings, we’ll take the steps necessary to avoid damage to your household. A diseased tree may appear fine, but if there’s fungus or signs of rot near the base, such a tree can come down in a high wind.

Tree removal professionals also have the tools and skills necessary to protect themselves. Some tree removal steps may be done from a ladder, but tree removal professionals may also have access to a bucket truck or lift for safer removal of very large branches.

Determining the Drop Zone

Depending on the location of the tree in your yard, it may be necessary to drop the trunk in a very precise line across your yard to avoid buildings, power lines and other plantings. A knowledgeable expert can:

  • Note the lean of the tree
  • Remove weight from the top of the tree to direct the drop
  • Cut the trunk effectively to guide the fall of the trunk

If your problem tree has already dropped several branches, emergency tree removal steps may need to be taken. A skilled professional can determine the next best step.

Experts Can Determine the Best Path for Tools

Depending on the age of your home, you may have some very old trees in your yard. New fences, second garages and garden or potting sheds may all have limited the access from your fence line to the tree that needs attention. Sometimes, taking a tree out means removing a section of fence.

Tree Experts Can Help You Manage the Remains

Once a tree is down, it can be chopped up for mulch or cut up for burning. If you don’t plan to put in another tree, you can simply have the stump ground below the soil line so grass or another ground cover can take over the site.

If the tree was diseased, it may be necessary to fully remove the stump. Your yard will be filled in and left smooth. Tree professionals can also take a look at other trees on your property to make sure they are not infected.

Reach out to Potter’s Tree Service for safe tree removal on your Harrisonburg, VA property.