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Essential Trimming Tips for Summer Tree Care

cutting a tree

The plentiful warmth and sunshine of summer marks a busy period for many plants, including trees. When trees enter this phase, most of their energy is directed toward active growth, which means they have less energy to recover from damage or infection. Therefore, it’s crucial to approach your summer pruning and trimming tasks carefully. Whether […]

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Spring Cleaning and Stump Grinding

Stump grinder

Inside or out, clutter can cramp your style. Are you eager to get the most out of your outdoor living space? Take steps to ensure that your trees are ready to spring forward into the growing season. Trees add beauty, value, and character to any outdoor space. However, they need maintenance and care to look […]

5 Tips to Remember When Removing Trees This Winter

Workers examine diseased tree branches

Removing trees from any residential or commercial property can significantly improve their aesthetic and overall outward appearance. In some cases, tree removal services can add value and reduce the risk of property or root damage to the home. If you’re thinking of removing any trees from your home’s property this winter, there are a few […]

Get Stumps Ground Out Before New Spring Growth Appears

Damaged tree

Stumps left in your lawn can lead to tripping. Suckers will spring up around the stump and feed on it as it breaks down. Pests, fungi, and bacteria will thrive in an old, rotting stump and may put your other trees at risk. Grinding out old stumps will give you the chance to put in […]

How Commercial Tree Services Can Prepare Your Trees for the Holidays

cutting thuja tree with garden hedge clippers

Many commercial properties have to ramp up their production and services during the holidays due to increased demand. However, those businesses often forget about property maintenance beyond the already-scheduled basics like having the lawn mowed. Let’s talk about how investing in commercial tree services at your company’s property can help prepare your trees for the […]